Western Australia Government Delegation Undertakes Historic Indonesia Mission

Premier Roger Cook has undertaken an historic trade mission to Indonesia his first mission as Western Australian Premier.

Dubbed a “mega mission” because of the unprecedented number of delegates involved, it has kicked off in the Indonesian capital Jakarta and involves more than 130 key Government and business representatives, including three members of the Cook Cabinet:

  • David Templeman: Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation; International Education; Heritage
  • Bill Johnston: Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Hydrogen Industry; Industrial Relations
  • Jackie Jarvis: Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; Small Business

The Indonesia Connect Roadshow provides a platform to promote the State as a recognised and trusted partner, as well as a chance for Western Australian businesses to engage in trade, investment and cultural exchange.

The Roadshow starts in Jakarta with the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, which has been organised by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN).

Representing a key opportunity for delegates to raise the profile of Western Australia, the Summit will promote collaboration opportunities in the energy sector. It will also include the Premier speaking on a panel where he will discuss the State’s important relationship with the ASEAN region.

The Jakarta leg of the trade mission will also include an Energy Roundtable with KADIN, which will be held on the sidelines of the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit.

This will focus on developing value-adding, resilient and sustainable critical minerals and battery industry supply chains in both regions.

The Roundtable follows a plan of action in relation to critical minerals that was signed during Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s visit to Sydney in July. Surabaya and Denpasar are also set to be visited by the delegation during the week-long mission, with each location having a specific focus.

Western Australia’s relationship with Indonesia is a key economic driver for the State:

  • Western Australia exported $3.8 billion of goods to Indonesia in 2022, above the annual average of
    $2.3 billion over the past 10 years;
  • Western Australia accounted for a quarter of Australia’s total trade in goods with Indonesia in 2022;
  • Western Australia accounted for 30 per cent of Australia’s goods exports to Indonesia in 2022;
  • Indonesia is a significant trading partner with Western Australia, with $4.6 billion of goods traded in
  • The State’s petroleum exports to Indonesia rose 16 percent to $1.2 billion in 2022.

The Roadshow received a staggering number of applications. Those who were selected underwent a competitive expression of interest process and included delegates from small, medium and large businesses. Tailored business-to-business meetings will be undertaken for all delegates.

Comments attributed to Premier Roger Cook:

“This is a fantastic opportunity to meet with industry players across Indonesia, one of our closest and most valued neighbours.

“This historic trade mission to Indonesia – my first overseas mission as Premier – will play a central role in Western Australia’s future and specifically our plans to diversify our economy.

“Indonesia is a recognised and trusted partner and that is why it is vital we explore new ways to deepen our relationship – one that delivers investment opportunities and local jobs for Western Australians.

“The sheer scale of this delegation demonstrates how seriously we take this relationship, which is why three key members of my Cabinet will be joining me on this mission, to represent as many Western Australian interests as possible.

“With a significant number of applications, the demand to be part of this mission has been overwhelming and demonstrates the importance of our economic relationship.”

Source: indonesiaexpat.id