Spanish Tourist Passes Away After Diving Expedition in Karangasem

A Spanish national, Marta Olives Juanola, tragically lost her life following a diving expedition at Tulamben Beach in Kubu District in Karangasem on Tuesday. The 57-year-old is believed to have suffered a ruptured blood vessel.

The Karangasem Police’s spokesman I Gede Sukadana confirmed the incident to local reporters yesterday.

“Yes, indeed, a foreign national died after completing a diving activity. Currently, the victim is still at the Karangasem Regional Hospital,” he said.

Marta and her group arrived at Tulamben Beach around 11:30am on Tuesday. They were accompanied by a diving guide for their inaugural diving venture in the area,

Following an approximately 48-minute initial diving session, the entire group returned to the shore for a break. At that juncture, Marta displayed no signs of distress, appearing to be in good health.

After a one-hour reprieve, around 1:45pm, the group embarked on the second stage of their diving expedition, lasting approximately 52 minutes. However, upon the group’s return to the shore, Marta began experiencing respiratory difficulties, and her condition rapidly deteriorated.

Subsequently, Marta was rushed to Kubu 1 Community Health Center for immediate medical attention. Regrettably, despite the efforts made, the Spanish national could not be revived and was declared deceased.

“The cause is suspected to be a ruptured blood vessel. However, the victim is currently at the Karangasem Regional Hospital for a post-mortem examination, accompanied by her family,” Sukadana added.