Seized Catheters Delivered to Foreign Bali Resident After Social Media Outcry

The foreigner, who is a resident of Bali and suffers from a disability that affects their ability to control their bladder, had ordered the equipment from abroad.

However, when the equipment arrived in Indonesia, it was held by customs due to regulations surrounding the importation of medical devices. The foreigner was then asked to pay an import tax in order to retrieve the equipment.

After the story circulated on social media, it received attention from the local government and the customs office. They eventually agreed to release the equipment to the foreigner without any additional fees.

The foreigner expressed gratitude for the support and assistance received from the local government and people, as well as relief at finally being able to access the much-needed equipment.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by people with disabilities in accessing essential medical equipment in Indonesia. Attention has also been drawn to the importance of inclusive government policies and regulations to support people with disabilities.