Russian tourist apologises after posing naked on sacred Bali mountain

A Russian man has apologised after posing semi-naked on a sacred site in Bali.

The tourist, known as Yuri, sparked outrage after sharing a since-deleted post to Instagram, which showed him mooning on top of Mount Agung.

According to local reports, he now faces deportation.

As well as being the tallest point on the Indonesian island, the mountain – which is an active volcano – holds special significance to the Balinese people and is considered to be a dwelling place of the gods.

In addition to dropping his trousers and pants, Yuri was also reportedly part of a group of seven tourists who climbed the peak without registering first, which is prohibited.

His social media post went viral, with locals and tourists condemning his behaviour and many calling for him to be deported.

Yuri has since participated in a restorative meeting with community leaders, in which he formally apologised.

He has also posted a full apology to Instagram taking responsibility for his behaviour.

“I want to apologise for my actions that desecrated the sacred volcano for the local population,” he wrote.

“There is no excuse for my actions. The only thing that led to what happened was my personal ignorance. Ignorance of the peculiarities of the local religion.”

Yuri said that after learning more about the culture and religion of Bali, he realised the significance of his mistake.

“Agung is a sacred symbol for the Balinese. Shiva destroys the universe in a continuous circle of rebirths,” he wrote.

“The locals revere the gods and believe that if you anger them, an eruption will occur. And this will lead to the destruction of the island.”

Yuri said he wrote to all the major groups that posted his photos to find out how he can “fix the situation”.

“I am very sorry that this happened.”

According to the Bali Sun, Yuri will be permitted to remain in Indonesia for a short period to “play an active role in promoting good behaviour by becoming a model tourist”.

In the local publication, Yuri was quoted as saying: “I am also ready for deportation, but before leaving here, I would like to participate in the ceremony of offering to the gods, and after that, I am ready to leave Bali with a calm soul.”

Bali is a popular tourist destination for young Australians and Russians.

The Balinese authorities have long struggled to contend with tourists who flout local customs and fail to respect local culture.

In 2022, Canadian actor Jeffrey Douglas Craigen sparked outrage after a video of him dancing naked on Mount Batur went viral.

Elsewhere, Russian yoga influencer Alina Fazleeva posed naked at the site of a 700-year-old sacred tree and faces imprisonment.

As well as a proposed motorbike ban for tourists due to repeated traffic violations, the Indonesian country is also on the brink of launching a series of billboards in popular tourist destinations with information about appropriate behaviour.