Police HQ plants thousands of trees to commemorate Independence Day

Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA) – The Indonesian National Police Headquarters (Mabes Polri) along with the East Java Regional Police planted trees at the Kenjeran Park on Friday to commemorate Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day.

“This activity is part of the reforestation efforts conducted simultaneously in a number of regions in Indonesia,” head of the National Police’s Personnel Control and Human Resources Bureau Brigadier General Nurworo Danang stated in Surabaya.

According to Danang, this activity is also part of the soft launch of the tree planting movement by Polri’s Assistant for Human Resources that was carried out in 10 Lecturers and Training Centers and at the regional police level.

“While the trees planted in the Kenjeran Park area are Tabebuia for beautification and mangrove trees planted in the mangrove forest area for ecosystem sustainability,” Danang explained.

The bureau head highlighted that the effort to plant trees aims to preserve nature and ecosystems, especially from the effects of global warming due to climate change that has also caused this year’s long drought.

“The dry season also reduced water supply, especially for irrigation, agriculture, and clean water supply that causes a shortage in meeting people’s daily needs,” he pointed out.

Moreover, the impact of the lack of water could increase land flammability that leads to land forest fires in several regions, he remarked.

In order to ensure the success of this program, Danang stated that Polri had also collaborated with policy makers to encourage the tree planting movement in critical areas, including coastal regions.

“This aims to keep our environment beautiful and ensure the availability of water for the community. Apart from the Kenjeran Park, there are several areas where similar efforts are being carried out within the ranks of the East Java Regional Police. We have instructed 39 police stations to carry out this tree planting movement,” he stated. 

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