Police chief asks exodus travelers to follow officers’ directions

Jakarta (ANTARA) – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo has asked Eid al-Fitr exodus travelers or returnees to follow the directions provided by officers in the field during the implementation of traffic control schemes for a smooth and safe journey.

“The handling of (the Eid exodus) return flow can really run optimally because compliance with the rules given by officers in the field will, of course, greatly help the smooth (flow) and safety of road users,” he said in a statement issued here on Tuesday.

He made the statement while giving directions at the Cikampek Utama (Cikatama) Toll Road’s Kilometer 70 Integrated Post after conducting an aerial inspection from Kilometer 414 of Kalikangkung Toll Road to Kilometer 70 of Cikatama Toll Road.

Prabowo said that the exodus return flow is running smoothly, safely, comfortably, and impressively, with the National Police (Polri) and relevant stakeholders implementing traffic control schemes.

The traffic control schemes prepared for the return flow include one-way, contraflow, and possibly, the odd-even traffic rule.

According to him, the traffic control schemes are meant to prevent flow stagnation and to reduce the number of vehicles on roads.

He further said that to reduce potential traffic congestion, the one-way rule will be implemented from Kilometer 414 of Kalikangkung Toll Road Gate to Kilometer 70 of Cikatama Toll Road.

Nevertheless, he added, the one-way rule can be extended at the discretion of the police in accordance with the conditions in the field.

During the early period of the exodus return flow on April 24, 2023, many vehicles were reported to have violated the rules for driving on toll roads, such as using the shoulder of the road to rest. Based on the rules, this can only be done during an emergency.

Polri’s Traffic Corps has appealed to people on following the rules of using toll roads, such as using the shoulder only during emergencies, using the right lane when driving at higher speeds and while overtaking other vehicles, using the left lane for driving at slow speeds, maintaining proper distance, and keeping the speed between 60 km per hour to 100 km per hour. 

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