Pattaya Bali Hai pier renovation progresses amid challenges

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai meticulously examines the ongoing renovation progress at Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya, ensuring that the project meets safety standards and quality requirements.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Bali Hai Pier, in South Pattaya, long overdue for repairs due to wear and tear, has posed risks to both vehicular traffic and pedestrians. Pattaya municipality has undertaken simultaneous initiatives to overhaul the pier’s structure and install a canopy along its 310-meter length, aiming to shield pedestrians from the elements.

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai, along with city officials, conducted an inspection of the ongoing renovation and beautification projects at the Bali Hai Pier on March 19. Manot emphasized the critical need for these renovations, highlighting potential structural risks and safety hazards if left unaddressed. Contractors have been tasked with expediting the repair works alongside the installation of the pier canopy.

The steel canopy structure takes shape as it is mounted independently from the pier in Pattaya. The coastal-themed canopy spanning its 310-meter length, offers pedestrians shelter from the elements.

The canopy along the length of the pier is designed to complement the coastal theme of the area, featuring wave-like patterns. To optimize costs, galvanized steel has been chosen over stainless steel for the framework. Moreover, the canopy will be mounted independently from the pier, ensuring it does not add undue stress to the structure.

Despite setbacks due to fluctuating water levels complicating construction efforts, significant progress has been made. Currently, the construction of the pier stands at 80% completion. However, delays have been encountered in the roof construction project due to similar water level-related challenges. The renovation of the whole Bali Hai Pier project is scheduled for completion in May this year.