Ministry launches integration of e-medical records into SatuSehat App

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia’s Ministry of Health officially launched the integration of electronic medical records (RME) into the SatuSehat (OneHealth) application at the National Health Day exhibition here on Saturday (November 11).

“Starting today, people can access their personal medical records online on the SatuSehat Mobile app,” Chief of the ministry’s Digital Transformation Office Setiaji remarked here on Sunday.

According to him, the integration of RME into the app is one of the ministry’s great achievements in presenting innovation and efficiency of health services through digitalization.

Setiaji said patients can check their history of visits, doctor diagnoses, and drugs prescribed at health facilities that have used RME in their patient management information system and input them in the SatuSehat app.

“Patients who have been registered and received treatment at a health facility at least since September 2022, their data will be automatically synchronized to this feature,” he said.

To access the feature, Setiaji said, the public must first verify their profile at 36 vertical hospitals listed on SatuSehat, or visit the SatuSehat Mobile service corner to get assistance on profile verification. These service corners were available at the National Health Day Exhibition and the Ayo Sehat Fest.

He explained that this innovation provides many benefits for the application users, such as erasing the possibility of unnecessary repeated health examinations or having to bring physical medical record files when patients want to change health facilities.

“This is also useful during medical emergencies in health facilities. Medical personnel only need to access the patients’ RME. Then all the history of their disease will show up to avoid potential mistakes. Necessary action can also be taken more quickly,” he said.

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