Israel military reopens evacuation route for Gazans to move South for their safety

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 7 (ANI): As Israel continues ground operations in Gaza, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has reopened an evacuation route for Gazans to move south for their safety.

Underscoring that Israel is not at war with Gazan civilians, the IDF has repeatedly called on the residents of Gaza City to evacuate from the area.

Moreover, over 10,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in Gaza since hostilities began on October 7 and the Rafah border crossing has now been reopened, CNN reported.

The Rafah border crossing, which had been closed over the weekend following an Israeli airstrike on a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance, reopened on Monday to facilitate the passage of foreign nationals and wounded Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt.

According to Ashraf Al Qudra, the ministry’s spokesperson, this figure includes 4,104 children, 2,641 women, and 611 elderly individuals among the casualties, implying that roughly three-quarters of the victims belong to vulnerable populations. The ministry also noted an additional 25,408 people who have been injured in the conflict.

As the war escalates, Hamas turned a mosque into a rocket-launching compound. This is yet another example of Hamas’ shameless exploitation of civilian areas for its terrorist activities.

Moreover, reportedly, Hamas is manufacturing a fake fuel crisis at the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza. Don’t fall for it, the IDF said in a post shared on X.

Israel and the US assert that Hamas operates from within or underneath civilian populations and have also provided evidence to prove it, reported The Times of Israel.

However, Qatar’s ambassador for Gaza reconstruction Mohamed al-Emadi tore into Israel after an IDF spokesperson said that Hamas had dug a tunnel underneath a Qatari-funded hospital in Gaza.

Emadi says the IDF claim is “without concrete evidence or an independent investigation… and a blatant attempt to justify the occupation’s targeting of civilian facilities, including hospitals, schools, gatherings of population and shelters of displaced people.”Meanwhile, earlier on Monday, the IDF stated that approximately 30 launches were identified from Lebanon toward northern Israel over the last hour, to which, the IDF is responding with artillery fire toward the origin of the launches. (ANI)