Irish Tourist Found Guilty of Drunk Driving, Fatal Hit-and-Run in Bali

Denpasar – Startling revelations emerged in the case of an Irish tourist identified as MRM, 36, who fatally collided with a motorcyclist. The foreign driver of a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with license plate DK 1682 QJ was under the influence of alcohol when he recklessly crashed into a Yaris and a Honda Vario at the intersection of Sunset Road and Kunti Street, Km 18 Kuta, Badung on Thursday, July 27, 2023, around 1:45 am.

After the incident, the perpetrator fled the scene and the luxury car was later found abandoned in Sanur. “Furthermore, when apprehended, the individual was found to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages,” stated Denpasar Police Chief Kombespol Bambang Yugo Pamungkas.

During interrogation, MRM confessed that two Indonesian friends were in the vehicle with him. “Prior to the accident, they had been drinking at three different locations in the Kuta area,” explained Kombespol Bambang Yugo Pamungkas.

Inebriated, the trio was heading back to their accommodation in the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with license plate DK 1682 QJ on July 26, 2023. As they approached the intersection, they collided with a Yaris with license plate B 1526 TKW, driven by Hariyanto Christian, 41, who had stopped at a red light. The Yaris was rear-ended by the intoxicated tourist.

After the first collision, in a state of panic, MRM quickly reversed and turned left. Ni Wayan Madiani, 50, was approaching from the opposite direction on a Honda Vario with license plate DK 6462 QS. She was struck by the tourist. The impact was severe, resulting in the woman’s tragic death at the scene due to severe head injuries.

Instead of rendering aid, MRM chose to flee. After driving around aimlessly, the Irish national drove the damaged car into Bangsal Beach area in Sanur, South Denpasar. Stuck in traffic, he eventually ordered an online taxi to return to his hotel. The car was later discovered by a local resident named Ida Bagus Kade Widiasa, 54, with severe damage.

Witnesses reported the presence of the expensive car to the police, leading to MRM’s arrest. The suspect is currently being held at Denpasar Police Detention Center for further investigation. He faces charges under Article 310 paragraph (4), which stipulates a six-year prison term for causing the death of another person due to negligence.

Additionally, he is charged under Article 310 paragraph (1) for causing material losses and Article 312, which mandates a three-year prison sentence for fleeing the scene of an accident and failing to provide assistance to the victim. (Quoted from