Indonesia’s Tourism Sector Shows Positive Outlook for 2024

The tourism and creative economy sectors in Indonesia experienced a significant decline during the COVID-19 pandemic, with foreign tourist numbers dropping to approximately 4.05 million in 2020 (25 percent of 2019).

However, there is now a positive trend as evidenced by a gradual recovery, with the first semester of 2023 seeing an increase in both national and foreign tourists to 433.57 million movements, a 12.57 percent rise from 2022.

In this context, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, predicts a positive outlook for Indonesia’s tourism sector next year, targeting 14 million foreign tourist visits in 2024. While achievements are expected to surpass 2023, they are still projected to fall short of 2019 levels.

“The achievement of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia this year is around 11 million or above the target of 8.5 million. In 2024, we are targeting 14 million foreign tourist visits. We are optimistic that in 2025, the tourism sector will recover to normal,” said Uno at the Indonesia Tourism Outlook event in 2024, on Tuesday, 28th November 2023.

Moreover, based on 2023/2024 Tourism and Creative Economy Outlook report, 76.19 percent of experts assess that the condition of Indonesian tourism is currently in the process of recovery. Most experts (46.15 percent) believe that the development of quality and innovative tourism destinations plays a crucial role in the growth of the Indonesian tourism sector.

Following this, the increasing role of technology in supporting the tourism sector gains prominence at 43.59 percent. The factor of increasing domestic tourist income is also considered to influence tourism growth, receiving 38.46 percent of the vote.

Regarding foreign tourist visits, as many as 71.79 percent of experts are optimistic that the Southeast Asian market will encourage growth in the country’s tourism sector. This aligns with the Minister’s statement that the economy in the Southeast Asia region will be relatively strong in 2023, encouraging an increase in foreign tourist visits.

“This is good news, which will impact increasing tourist travel in the Asia-Pacific region, including Indonesia. Indonesian tourism experienced an accelerated revival this year. We initially set a target of 7.6 million foreign tourists visiting, then increased it to 8.5 million, and this year we will get 11 million visits,” said Uno.