Heartbreak Havoc: Russian Man’s Axe Rampage in Bali

Badung – In an unsettling incident, law enforcement apprehended Vladimir Kolesov, a Russian national, on Friday (1/3/2024) for causing havoc at the Capri Bali Restaurant situated on Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak Village, Kuta District, Badung. Kolesov’s disruptive behavior wasn’t confined to this venue; he also unleashed chaos at various spots in Kuta.

Authorities uncovered that Kolesov’s destructive spree stemmed from a failed romantic entanglement. He admitted to authorities that his liaison with an Indonesian woman had soured.

“Kolesov’s actions weren’t attributed to mental instability. They were driven by personal turmoil and despondency. He confessed to terminating a relationship with a local woman. The catalyst was a thwarted romance, although he refrained from divulging her identity,” stated Kuta Police Chief AKP I Ketut Agus Pasek Sudina, as relayed by detikBali on Tuesday night (5/3/2024).

Agus divulged that the 40-year-old assailant coped with his anguish by indulging in alcohol until inebriated, an act believed to have triggered his unrestrained behavior, resulting in the vandalization of the Italian eatery.

“He sought solace in alcohol, imbibing until intoxicated, then ran amok. Only property was harmed, no lives were endangered,” disclosed the police chief.

Agus clarified that Kolesov had no affiliations with specific criminal factions. The police had already seized several bladed instruments employed during the rampage.

Evidently, Agus continued, Kolesov’s outburst spanned numerous locales in Kuta. Allegedly still under the influence, Kolesov roamed through various districts, including Kuta Beach.

“There were no disputes between Kolesov and the restaurant’s proprietor; hence, his agitation wasn’t confined there. It was haphazard, with disruptions at multiple locales, captured on CCTV, including Kuta Beach during a tranquil moment, where he brandished an axe,” expounded the police chief.

According to Agus, Kolesov had resided in Bali for approximately six years, primarily in Nusa Dua. “He’s a long-standing resident, proficient in Indonesian,” added the police chief.

Previously documented, Kolesov’s rampage was captured on surveillance footage, observed by the eatery’s owner via a mobile device on Wednesday (28/2/2024) around 10:00 AM local time.

He damaged the display window, furnishings, locks, and staircase of Capri Bali Restaurant, resulting in an estimated loss of Rp 10 million.

Following the report, the Criminal Investigation Unit of Kuta Police conducted an inquiry, collating witness testimonies and scrutinizing CCTV footage to identify the perpetrator.

Kuta Police received intel suggesting Kolesov had wielded weapons at the same locale on Friday (1/3/2024). With community assistance, law enforcement successfully apprehended Kolesov.

Additionally, police discovered an axe concealed within the seat of the perpetrator’s motorcycle. Several other bladed instruments, including knives and scissors, were confiscated for further processing at the Kuta Police Station.