Filipino Tourist Apprehended For Aggressive Behavior at Ngurah Rai Airport

A Filipino national identified by the initials JPP was apprehended and escorted out of the I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport after creating a commotion that disrupted fellow travelers in the early hours of yesterday.

The 33-year-old tourist’s alleged aggressive behavior prompted intervention from local airport authorities, leading to his transfer to the Badung Public Order Agency (Satpol PP).

Local news reported that JPP was just landed at the Bali airport from Manila. The local airport authorities arrested him at about 3am yesterday.

“We received a report from the airport authorities. This tourist went berserk and was shouting,” said I Made Astika, Head of Operations at Badung Satpol PP in a statement yesterday evening.

According to Astika, the commotion caused distress among other passengers. JPP’s reported tumultuous behavior persisted even when airport authorities attempted to intervene, necessitating their collaboration with the Satpol PP authorities for resolution.

The Filipino national was then directed to Prof. Ngoerah Central General Hospital in Denpasar for necessary medical attention. During his hospitalization, he was accompanied by two acquaintances.

“During the detainment, he continued to exhibit signs of agitation, making it challenging to calm him down. His disruptive behavior was evident from the airport premises to the hospital, suggesting a possible state of depression,” Astika added.

“The plan was for his father and mother to pick him up in Bali. We have coordinated with Ngurah Rai Immigration and the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta as well,” concluded Astika.