Duotech reinforces market leadership position with its enhanced payment solution

Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Duotech, a market leader in software and app solutions, has proudly announced the latest enhancement to its payment solution, DT-ProPay, raising the bar yet again in the fintech and software industry.

The enhanced payment solution is powered by a cutting-edge payment rule engine, an innovative service that automates payment decisions and processes. DT-ProPay evaluates payment transactions against a set of predefined criteria, including transaction amount, payment method, customer location, risk factors, and business policies.

Currently operational within Duotech’s in-house platforms, the engine is set to be optimised for use by a wider range of external businesses. By directing transactions to the most suitable payment gateway, acquirer, or fraud prevention system, Duotech’s DT-ProPay greatly enhances user experience, increases payment success rates, and significantly lowers business costs.

Duotech’s suite of products also includes a comprehensive range of fintech infrastructure and AI-powered finance products. With an elite copy trading system, Duotech revolutionizes copy trading with AI-powered insights and automation, enabling traders to develop, share, execute, and copy trades on a single platform.

Harnessing the latest AI developments, Duotech provides algorithmic trading bots for rules-based or AI-driven automatic trade execution, freeing up traders’ time while minimising emotional biases. Its cybersecurity and fraud prevention solutions implement AI-powered systems to detect and prevent cyberattacks, safeguarding user data and financial assets. Additionally, its compliance automation solution streamlines compliance processes by automating KYC/AML checks and regulatory reporting.

Duotech has also continued to contribute to social responsibility, recently collaborating with Vantage Foundation through its Joy For All Initiative. Duotech employees, in partnership with Vantage Foundation, gave handpicked gifts with heartfelt wishes to the residents at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home in Singapore during the holiday season. This initiative underscores Duotech’s commitment to making a positive impact on local communities and aligns with Vantage Foundation’s mission to encourage businesses to actively support their communities.

Leo Wang, CEO of Duotech, says:

“As a market leader in software solutions, we look to consistently pioneer innovations in the industry for our customers’ benefit. Our enhanced DT-ProPay not only optimises payment processes but also signifies our dedication to staying ahead of industry standards. By investing in technology that lowers costs, enhances user experience, and ensures payment success, we empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic landscape of digital transactions.

At Duotech, our mission is to drive innovation and increase business efficiency through our suite of solutions. We are not just developers; we are problem solvers. Our commitment extends beyond our technological solutions, and we strive to do business ethically, sustainably, and with a socially responsible mindset. We believe we can make a positive impact on the world, one solution at a time.”

About Duotech

Duotech is a Singapore-based fintech solutions company specialising in consulting, designing, and engineering successful custom software solutions and mobile apps. Its team of experts is dedicated to improving business efficiency, productivity, and building competitive advantages by developing streamlined solutions to specific business problems.

Duotech is also fully committed to operating ethically, sustainably, and in a socially responsible manner, ensuring their solutions fuel innovation and contribute positively to the business landscape.

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