Celigo and Netizen Deliver Enhanced Integration Solutions Across APAC

Redwood City, Calif.–(ANTARA/Business Wire)– Celigo, a leader in the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) sector, today announced continued success in Asia Pacific (APAC) via an alliance with Netizen, a top-tier SAP Platinum Partner. The ongoing partnership promises to enhance Celigo’s market presence in Thailand and Southeast Asia by integrating Celigo’s advanced platform within Netizen’s Business Technology Transformation (BTX) agenda. The partnership has already helped foster operational efficiency and innovation for SAP users across the region.

“We are excited to partner with Celigo, whose integration system aligns perfectly with our SAP operational system. By combining these systems, we can enhance value and generate business value across various domains without limitations in data connectivity,” said Seree Satukijchai, CEO at Netizen.

The partnership, which was originally announced last year, has helped Netizen streamline internal processes and enhance services provided to clients. Celigo has been instrumental in helping Netizen broaden their market share, improve their research and development initiatives, and refine their sales and marketing strategies.

In addition, Netizen has been able to shift resources to revenue-generating activities that drive growth instead of focusing on internal integration development. Instead, they now seamlessly leverage Celigo’s integrative capabilities to assist their customers. This shift has allowed Netizen to embark on a true Business Technology Transformation (BTX) journey.

“With fewer limitations, we can harness our crucial resources more efficiently, thereby boosting our earning potential. Our team now has the freedom to apply their expertise to initiatives that not only bolster our business but also expand our service offerings. Celigo’s partnership has not only improved our day-to-day operations but has also empowered us to scale effectively, enabling us to deliver even greater value to our clients.”

Netizen’s customers have reaped significant benefits from using Celigo through the jointly developed “HoneyConn” solution. The integration of Celigo into their operations has reduced the time required for tasks, decreased the number of personnel needed, improved work efficiency, reduced errors in data integration, and added value to their work.

One such customer is Do Day Dream PLC., a large health and beauty product manufacturer and distributor. Netizen has successfully implemented HoneyConn to connect their POS data recording system with SAP, ensuring real-time updates for their transactions. Do Day Dream’s Head of Physical Distribution and MIS & IT commented that “HoneyConn (Celigo) is a tool that makes difficult tasks easy.”

In the coming year, Netizen and Celigo plan to expand on the HoneyConn initiative through the HoneyConn Out of the Box Solution, which will involve integrating HoneyConn with various ecommerce systems. This solution will be applicable to customers across Asia, including platforms like TikTok, Shopee, and Lazada, to support the growing trend of online product sales.

“Through our partnership and collaboration, we have been able to streamline data integration for SAP customers, enabling them to easily connect SAP with various system operations,” said George Polyzos, Vice President of APAC at Celigo. “We are proud of the work we’ve accomplished with Netizen so far and look forward to bringing more innovations to improve business automation to the APAC market.”

Looking ahead, Netizen has ambitious long-term plans for automation, including teaching Celigo to final-year university students, establishing a Center of Excellence (COE) for automation technologies, and expanding its automation initiatives into neighboring nations such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan.

Netizen continues to innovate and develop solutions that integrate SAP systems with various operational systems, supporting business expansion and growth. The partnership with Celigo is an integral part of this ongoing technological transformation.

“Throughout our partnership, Celigo’s support has remained nothing short of exceptional,” commented Seree Satukijchai. “They have consistently delivered prompt resolutions and provided proactive assistance, thus fortifying our operational resilience and ensuring the seamless continuity of our business processes. Their support has emerged as an indispensable cornerstone of our overarching success.”

About Celigo

Celigo is the leading AI-driven integration platform as a service (iPaaS). At Celigo, we understand the evolving market and believe integration should be accessible to everyone in your organization. Our platform is built for both the line-of-business user and technical teams, promoting automation at every level of the business and enabling growth and innovation at scale. For more information, visit www.celigo.com. Follow us on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Netizen

Netizen is a leading SAP Platinum Partner providing consultation and implementing SAP systems for over 20 years. The company focuses on Business Technology Transformation (BTX), integrating technology to support customer operations in Thailand and Southeast Asia. For more information, visit www.netizen.co.th.



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