Bullied student torches school in Temanggung

Temanggung, Central Java (ANTARA) – A student set fire to several classrooms at SMP Negeri 2 Pringsurat in Temanggung Regency, Central Java, on Tuesday (27/6) because he was angry after being bullied by his friends, according to local police.

The 13-year-old junior high school student, identified by the initial R, has been officially named as the suspect based on various pieces of evidence found at the location and CCTV footage from the school, informed Temanggung police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Agus Puryadi, on Wednesday.

The student told the police that he was angry because he had been frequently bullied by his friends and felt that his teachers did not pay enough attention to him.

“These feelings are subjective. For instance, when he created an art project, his teacher perceived it as normal, but he wanted it to be the best,” Puryadi said.

Moreover, when R attempted to run as the president of the Teen Red Cross (PMR) at his school, his friends criticized his credibility and abilities, according to the police.

“Due to pent-up anger, which was subjective, he planned to burn down the school,” Puryadi explained.

R took a used beverage bottle, filled it with flammable liquids, and ignited it. The fire engulfed several classrooms in the school.

“He mixed fuel oil and gas lighter fluid, tested it at home first, and it worked,” Puryadi stated.

After the initial trial, he made three similar preparations.

He detonated one on the right side of the school, threw the second one, and used the third one to ignite the craft art room, where wooden and cardboard items were stored, Puryadi said.

The fire from the craft art room spread to another classroom, partially charring its roof and nearly causing its collapse.

The student allegedly also attempted to set fire to a greenhouse, but it did not burn completely. Additionally, he is accused of burning a graduation banner.

“Juvenile offenders can be sentenced to a maximum of half the maximum jail term for adults,” Puryadi clarified.

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