Briton Arrested For Pushing a Police Officer Following Traffic Violation

The Bali Police announced yesterday that they have apprehended AAM, a British citizen, on Tuesday evening in Canggu after a clip went viral depicting him pushing a police officer as he and his female companion were stopped for violating traffic regulations.

Bali Police spokesman Jansen Avitus Panjaitan said in a public statement yesterday that the arrest was conducted by the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Denpasar City Police.

AAM, 29, not only faced arrest but also received a traffic violation fine.

As previously reported, AAM’s run-in with the law occurred on Monday after his motorbike was stopped by the police officers on Sunset Road in Kuta, because Murray’s female friend wasn’t wearing a helmet.

At one point, AAM shoved one of the police officers.

The incident gained widespread attention on social media, prompting a pursuit by law enforcement.

Jansen explained that AAM’s delayed fine issuance at the time was due to heavy traffic and a sizable crowd of onlookers. This led officers to exercise discretion by initially delivering a verbal warning. Subsequently, AAM was fined after his apprehension.

The charges against AAM involve an act of physical aggression against a police officer in the line of duty. Under Indonesian law, AAM may face a maximum penalty of one year in prison.

In addition to the criminal charges, AAM was fined for the initial traffic violation. This was due to his failure to produce a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration certificate (STNK). Furthermore, his female passenger was found to be without a helmet, resulting in further violations.

In addition, Jansen noted that AAM and his female companion are currently undergoing thorough questioning. The official added that AAM may face deportation to the United Kingdom.

“We will coordinate with Immigration Office regarding the ongoing legal process and deportation,” stated Jansen.