Blazing Suwung Landfill Adds to Denpasar Woes Amid Drought Crisis

In a troubling turn of events, the Suwung Final Processing Site has erupted into flames, casting a shadow over Denpasar as a relentless heatwave tightens its grip on the city.

According to I Made Rentin, the Head of the Bali Regional Disaster Management Agency, the prolonged drought in the region is believed to have triggered sparks that set ablaze the dry waste accumulated at the landfill. Strong winds further fanned the flames, turning a localized problem into a citywide concern.

The inferno, which ignited at 11:00 am WITA on Thursday, caught Denpasar residents off guard as they went about their daily routines. The Bali Regional Disaster Management Agency reported that the fire swiftly spread, devouring substantial piles of tinder-dry waste.

Responding promptly, a team of firefighters mobilized ten units from Denpasar City, Badung Regency, and Gianyar Regency. To facilitate their efforts, a loader unit and four excavators were deployed to clear access roads to the heart of the blaze.

As of the latest update, a dense plume of smoke still hangs over the Suwung Final Processing Site, and the fire has taken its toll on local roads, affecting the Jalan Pesanggaran – Sesetan route.

Residents in close proximity to the conflagration are urged to wear masks to protect themselves from the billowing smoke as they carry on with their daily activities.

The Suwung Final Processing Site, once a bustling landfill for Denpasar, Badung, and Gianyar, has been inactive since the establishment of the Kertalangu Integrated Waste Processing Site in Denpasar. However, the closure of Suwung has created a new environmental challenge, with waste piling up and drying out during the scorching summer months. The Regional Government is yet to devise a comprehensive solution to address this burgeoning issue, leaving communities on edge as they grapple with the aftermath of the landfill inferno.