Bali’s Turyapada Tower is Already 98% Completed

The Island of Gods is poised to introduce a new, long-anticipated tourism spot.

According to the Head of the Bali Province Communication, Informatics and Statistics Service, Gede Pramana, the 115-metre communication tower named Turyapada Tower is very close to completion and, subsequently, its grand opening. The tower is expected to complete its entire construction in early July this year.

“Now it [Turyapada Tower] is 98% complete; we are still working on the glass bridge and the Balinese-style ornaments,” Gede Pramana told the press on Saturday, the 15th of June.

Turyapada Tower was constructed during the era of Governor Wayan Koster to cover the blank spots in the telecommunications and information networks in Buleleng Regency and its surrounding districts. Furthermore, it was reported that buildings and other facilities of a tourist and educational nature will also be available on the tower premises.

Additionally, the public and tourists in Bali can also expect, on the tower premises, a glass bridge and a 360-degree skywalk. Other enticing tourist-friendly facilities include a planetarium, a rotating restaurant, a static restaurant, a library, MICE facilities, a fruit garden, a flower garden, and a glamping site. Some have also dubbed the communication tower as Bali’s Eiffel Tower.

“We have tested the transmitter; it is okay, and the transmitter is working. There are cranes and some work to be done. Once it is finished, we will collaborate with the mux [multiplex broadcast media] holders in Bali,” Pramana continued.

On top of that, the provincial government is hoping that Turyapada Tower can make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in its future day-to-day operations.

“We will use AI to regulate Turyapada Tower — how tourists visit it, how to provide information, and how to manage the condition of the surrounding roads,” Pramana concluded.