ATR Ministry launches spatial planning customer care service

One of the aspects which can draw investment is (ease of) spatial (planning) services…

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Deputy Minister for Agrarian and Spatial Planning (ATR) Raja Juli Antoni has inaugurated the Spatial Planning Customer Care (CETAR) service as part of the ministry’s commitment to improving public information accessibility and easing investment.

CETAR is a breakthrough in serving the community to realize good governance, in accordance with the ATR Ministry’s motto of “Serve, Professional, Trusted,” he said in a statement issued on Saturday.

“The Directorate General of Spatial Planning (of the ministry) has initiated and continues to concern on serving (the community), especially regarding the KKPR (Suitability of Spatial Utilization Activities), which has (also) been a concern of the President (Joko Widodo),” he added.

The deputy minister asked all ranks of the ATR Ministry to innovate to improve their services to the community so that people will comply with the regulations created by the ministry.

Furthermore, he said he expected the CETAR service to continue to be improved so that it can help increase the welfare of the community.

Director general of Spatial Planning at the ministry, Gabriel Triwibawa, said that the CETAR service was established to deal with a number of problems regarding the implementation of spatial planning, such as the KKPR.

The CETAR service will support communities and business players in accessing information regarding the KKPR as well as other details on spatial planning for free.

“One of the aspects which can draw investment is (ease of) spatial (planning) services, especially the KKPR, and the (convenient) KKPR services will also expedite the preparation of Detailed Spatial Plans (RDTR) throughout Indonesia,” the director general said.

Currently, out of the 287 established RDTRs, 114 have been included in the government’s Online Single Submission (OSS) system, he noted.

People seeking spatial planning consultations through the CETAR service will need to apply for an appointment first through an online consultation on the ATR Ministry’s complaints hotline (WhatsApp number 0811-1068-0000).

If a follow-up is required, the ATR Ministry officer will provide an appointment ticket to the applicant for a face-to-face meeting at the CETAR service center at the Directorate General of Spatial Planning’s building.

Meanwhile, people who come directly to the CETAR service center without making an appointment will be directed to the ministry’s Likupang Consultation Room officer for further consultation.

Triwibawa said he expected that the CETAR service center can also be provided by each regional Land Affairs Office in the future. 

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