A Group of Foreigners Caught on Camera Stealing Bar Singer’s Purse in Legian

A group of foreign tourists was caught on CCTV footage stealing a purse from the bag of a local bar singer in the lively Legian area over the weekend, in an incident that has since garnered much attention online.

Sartika Sitohang, or Tika, is the lead singer of a band who regularly performs at an unnamed bar in Legian. Tika revealed on her Instagram account @tikasitohang13 that on Saturday evening, she placed her bag on a table as she rushed to hit the stage.

Tika said that she often left her bag there and did not think anything of it as her friends were seated at the table.

Little did she anticipate that additional patrons would join the table. Interestingly, the group members allegedly interacted with Tika before one of them snatched Tika’s purse after they had requested some songs and even sang together with Tika.

“The incident transpired at approximately 9:40pm,” disclosed the singer.

The revelation of the theft only dawned upon Tika after she reviewed the surveillance footage captured by the CCTV system.

Tika and her companion attempted to locate the perpetrator, but their endeavors proved futile. Consequently, she opted to register a formal complaint with the Kuta Police Station on Saturday evening.

Police have yet to issue a formal statement regarding the incident as of this article’s publication.

Source: coconuts.co